A response to Jane Clare Jones

Commented at her critique of Judith Butler https://janeclarejones.com/2019/01/24/judith-butler-how-to-disappear-patriarchy-in-three-easy-steps/comment-page-1/#comment-2604 ; posting here n case she does not publish.

The Second Wave was not a monolith, even its radical part. Shulamith Firestone in 1970 actually called for male and female to become socially irrelevant, pretty much the stuff you do not want.

However, something rather more important than un-retirement of an old academic has just happened. Those brave defenders of the right of women, Posie Parker and Venice Allan, were flown to the US and welcomed by the Heritage Foundation. Moreover, in a display of total dominance (whether or not Butler would find it “necessary”), Heritage distributed brochures at the event which listed being forced to “affirm same sex marriage” as one of the dangers of the sugested Equality Act. At an event where lesbians spoke. None of them rose to leave.

This is more than Stockholm Syndrome, this is a short leash. When after that the women went on to barge into HRC to harass people there, and actually posted a video of themselves doing that, this got more coverage, but I think the brochure moment was crusial in demonstrating total control by Heritage.

You wrote previously that trans activists somehow “invented” your ilk being in cahoots with the trad right. Right now, this is all out in the open. And Jean Hatchett, who protested against this act, was immediately and viciously attacked by her former (and your!) comrades. She was now driven off Twitter by them, despite being a known terminal cancer patient. By them, not by the trans and pro-trans crowd.

I understand you may have thought otherwise honestly. But the link to the far right of the trad variety – nay, the control by it – is now out in the open. It is your choice where to stand now.

5 thoughts on “A response to Jane Clare Jones

  1. This is much better than Twitter for actually saying something without sounding dismissive! If I read you as mindlessly reactive, and you’re not, sorry. I certainly am today, for reasons which have nothing to do with the topic, except that I was an organizer, and I’m an old one, so I saw all sorts of infuriating decisions others loathed — like taking Playboy grants to work against rape — and I get defensive when I see anybody decent doing something useful instead of one more march. There are choices where no answer is correct. Self righteousness is of course the third rule of social movements. It’s just manifesting into violence more than when the right had all the threats, and the Left was always Mine (ours) so why are they being so stupid?

    Which is to say, I and a bunch of others absolutely wouldn’t have done what those folks did. On the other hand, they’re far more successful than the silence before them, precisely because they don’t have left politics. Think strategically. If the alphabets had thought about anything but their own enrichment from embracing Big Pharma and For Profit medicine (pardon the capitals) . The alphabets won’t allow one ounce of compromise, to the extent they refuse even to condemn violence against women by people 1/3 their age, and spend government-allotted money to call and persuade others not to do it. That’s not very smart. It will never build alliance, only enemies. And they did, and now the gender criticals quite naturally hate everyone they “represent.” Nobody wins movements like that, just grants and publicity. (I was a grant writer too; the unpleasant realities of organizers.) If you’re working with Peter Tatchell, at least you’re near a good guy — but it’s quite possible the lesbian and gay rights movements were much different in the UK and the US? (I and my partner were quite literally the only two out women in Iowa besides a few university students a hundred miles away… and the only moms, period. Everyone queer left Iowa before coming out. But 10-15 years later, Iowa was the first state whose judges ruled our own Constitution meant we could get married. Organizing, not fighting with the Log Cabin Republicans and the 80 year old Old Guard guys, and the super feminists, and the working class closeted moms, got us there. That can still happen with GC and trans, but it’s going to be a hell of a lot harder now… and yet Beth, one of my co-writers, was the dyke who in 1973 got death threats at the left coast lesbian conference when they found out she was trans. Okay, bet you wish this was 40 characters. Sorry. I liked your letter and it made me want to talk. (The one above.)

  2. Actually I hate the Twitter resctrictions and should probably stop wasting time there.

    I am not personally working with Peter Tatchell (or anyone really, I’m nobody special who just posts and sometimes attends events; I was like an hour later to Dubin Trans March because the bus got stuck, but ended up the only person from Limerick there apparently). I am however an admirer; in many ways he converted me to support the LGBT cause (notably his position on free speech, when he bailed out anti-gay preachers). And he had some very public falling out with anti-trans feminist-identified activists recently, with Julie Bindel resurrecting an old smear: https://www.thearticle.com/peter-tatchell-dismisses-feminists-like-me-as-transphobes-but-he-has-his-own-skeleton-in-the-closet/

    I am not sure why you are saying they “alphabets” would not condemn “violence against women by people 1/3 their age”. Specifically Stonewall did, getting some short-lived backlash; I think they edited it to make it less specific in response to the backlash but it’s still there. https://www.stonewall.org.uk/about-us/media-centre/media-statement/stonewall-condemns-violence.

    And you write – “think strategically”. So that’s the question. Allying with the Trad Right can give them success on this one issue, enforced biological designation of people. But that powers the Trad Right up for everything else it wants, notably banning abortion and ending, or limiting, same-sex marriage. In fact, a brochure distributed at the very event where the alleged leftist feminists spoke warned about the Equality Act forcing businesses and other orgs to affirm same-sex marriage.

    Strategically, is this one issue worth all the others?

  3. Many inaccuracies. Whilst Jean purposefully suggested that I received funding, I did not. The Heritage Foundation was nothing to with me, they certainly did not pay for my travel or expenses.

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