The elephant in he US Budgetary room

The US economy is broke because of overwhelming military spending.

This went on since 2003. “Coinciding” with the aggression in Iraq, the interest rates were driven into essentially negative figures to mask the economic consequences of the war. These low interest rates fueled the boom that led to the 2007-8 bust.

Now they are fighting over a “debt ceiling” in Congress, with BOT sides ready to plunge the country deeper into debt, but the “conservatives” want Obamacare defunded as part of the bargain. Without debating the merits of Obamacare – this wil not resolvclve the issue as the debt will STILL increase. Conservative pundits saying it is a way to fix things miss their own aims.

Defund the military and do not raise the ceiling is my answer. And I really want to find some US politicians who would say that. Not seen in the media…


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