GallusMag is a liar

GallusMag, of the “GenderTrender” blog, is a liar.

She has a post there which she claims is unmoderated, all comments are approved except for pornography and “doxxing”.

I posted a comment there, about two things – that groupthink is bad (on all sides) and that she posts hate. I explained that her post about Mina Caputo (WARNING: search for it only if you want to read prime hate speech) is pure homophobia with nothing else. Neither pornography nor “doxxing” was contained there. The comment was deleted.

The likely aim of her exercise is to approve only those comments from her opponents that she believes would show them in a bad light, or perhaps so something else beneficial for her project.

She is a liar. I now think that many, if not all, of the alleged “threats of violence” from trans activists are fabrications by her.

She continues her line by allowing a trans commenter then accusing the person of posting violent threats, which the person (oopster74) denies. I say this is simply making things up.

(If my post appears I will remove this one. Not likely. And in any event, ANY alleged “trans” threats of violence should be checked for being fakes. This appears to be an intentional smear campaign; a campaign of outright criminal libel).


5 thoughts on “GallusMag is a liar

  1. As a technical matter, it’s my understanding that Gallus Mag banned YOU, MK, as a commenter. Therefore, YOU cannot comment on anything at Gender Trender–even unmoderated posts. In other words, she’s not lying. It’s just you. And everyone else who has ever been banned/spammed at Gender Trender. Hey, it sucks to be banned. I KNOW. I’m banned at Raw Story and I’ve never even commented there!

    When you mark a comment as spam, as she surely marked one of yours, all future submissions from that commenter are routed to spam. It’s just the way spamming on WordPress works and prevents you from getting harassed by the same person endlessly. I didn’t see anything about un-banning people.

    And also, one couldn’t possibly prevent “doxxing” unless she were *actually* moderating everything. The second something goes on the internet, it cannot be fully taken back. Gender Trender truly *unmoderated* is unthinkable. She clearly qualified what she meant by “unmoderated” in the context. I don’t think she was lying in her post and I certainly don’t think she is a liar in general. Whether you think she is a nice or rational person is an entirely different matter.

  2. (It’s MR not MK.)

    I do get your point, and I do realize she does actually moderate – but my view is that she saw my messages and decided not to publish them, despite her promise, thus, this post. I think so because I saw them appear as “awaiting moderation”, while if I were banned, they would not appear. Of course, they did not contain doxxing, porn, or threats. They did contain a note that a specific post is homophobic, but homophobia is not illegal.

    I do not mind a ban on a hate site. I got myself banned on some Islamist ones too. It just looked a bit different.

    The next person to call Gallus a liar was, funnily, Cathy Brennan. Who is, undoubtedly, a real person, whatever her views. Can’t say the same about Gallus. (It was a thread on the recent political cartoon post.)

    I am very suspicious of the entire GT project. I think its key aim is to provoke, and possibly also to fabricate, angry reactions from trans persons. (She also accused oopster74 of having some kind of threats on her blog; I have reviewed the blog and googled what Gallus wrote is to be googled and there are none). Such angry reactions are extremely politically convenient. I am sad to note the ruse is working on some real trans authors; this is one of the reasons (along with my uncertainty re Irish law) I never link to GT. But I suspect – no proof just feeling – that some threats come from sock puppets.

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