Prediction on transsexual statistics

I do not have the statistics. I would predict that in the UK percentage of late transitions (over 30) is by now significantly less than in the US. I would like to check this preciction – wonder who would have this data.

Late transitioners are typical targets of radfem derision – especially because sometimes, unfortunately, wives are involved. They are also slammed as “autogynephiles” and what not.

But I would theorize that the main reason for prevalence of late transition is the price of access to treatment. People in their late teens and early twenties – the optimal transition age – would not be able to afford treatment. And therefore they try to adjust to their birth role, which among other things can include marriage.

The NHS covers treatment since 1999. Information needed time to diffuse. But right now, a generation grew up that was teenagers in 1999-2005 – and I would suspect that among transsexuals in that generation a larger percentage has already transitioned.


One thought on “Prediction on transsexual statistics

  1. I am late transtioner but that was because of the era I grew up in. Child of the late 50s and early 60s, adolescent in the late 60s and early 70s.

    At that time if I had been found out I would have been compulsarily put into mental health care with hot and cold ECT and maybe more untill my brains ran out of my head.

    Being senstive and smart I learned to hide, I developed all sort of psychological coping mechansisms and acts to ‘fit in’ to society at that time. I went through denial, hiding, self loathing and all the rest.
    But my coping mechansisms were good enough for me to survive, those who didn’t manage to do that died early, either through direct or indirect suicide. I did an exercise estimating how many other TG people might have been at my school and there probably was 4-8…and I am probably the only surviver of that time.
    That got me through my 20s, 30 and 40s which were the 1970s/80s/90s, functoning. fell in love. got married, did lots of things..and was miserable a lot of the time.

    This was, essentially, societal ‘reparative’ therapy, which changes nothing about your gender feelings, except you learn to hide.

    But my coping mechanisms (and this is not uncommon) required high mental, emotional and physical energy. As I got older they started to collapse and I got to the point of accepting my long hidden self or ending it.

    In the future a ‘late transitioner’ will be someone in their late 20s, largely because of hostile parents. Others will more commonly transition in childhood and adolescence. So it is just a generational fluke, those who survived long enough to get to a more accepting time and enough self understanding to deal with it.

    I knew at (first memory) at 6 years old quite clearly that I wanted to be female. I longed through 6-11 for some magical change in my body that never happened. At 7 I was trying to pluck up the courage to cut my penis off (I didn’t I, was too much a coward, I once started doing it slowly and it was too painful, knives hurt).
    Interestingly enough I was never that much a ‘girly’ person, I did love my teddy bear and other cuddly toys and had a rich imaginary life full of SF and superheros If I had been lucky enough to be born a female would have been a sort of tomboy/geek/science girl. Barby dolls are not a true indication of how TG a child is by any means.

    By the start of puberty (even long before) I was smart enough to hide my dressing as a female very carefully and smart enough to realise that I would be quite possibly killed or ‘treated’ if anyone suspected me.

    So I carefully learned to ‘crossdress’ as a male and act as one to a good enough extent to ‘fit in’.

    I learned that if I did very intellectually and/or physically demanding things that it would give me relief from my gender feelings for periods of times. Computers and very fast motorcycles basically for quite a long time. I later thought I could ‘self cure’ by being being hyper masculine, which is quite a common strategy.

    I remember one time crying in the shower after my honeymoon because those feelings came back again after I thought I had ‘beaten it’…as if, no one ever does. They never go away. Which is why gender dysphoria is such a killer, it never goes away until you transition.

    Then I (much later) went though a ‘part timer’ phase, where I thought I could compromise by just being female some times. To be fair that works for some people (at least for a time) but it didn’t for me. So I transitioned and finally got some peace of mind.

    And if someone had told me at 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 that I could have transitoned then I would have grabbed that opportunity with both hands and had a far better and happier life.

    And I was fairly lucky with puberty, though I got taller (and grew facial hair, ugh) at least I was thin and had no body hair. Imagine feeling the way I did and then turning into a big hairy muscular male through puberty…I suspect most of those ones killed themselves not much later, one way or another.

    Hence my total suport for child/adolescent transitioning, I don’t want anyone to go through the crap I did.

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