Let’s flood US surveillance

I am looking at the revelations from Snowden about American Internet surveillance.

I do hope that my native Russia will respect his rights and let him pass safely. But I do not see the grave danger of this surveillance – I never expected my emails to be private from government snooping anyway. Instead I would propose a flash mob style overload of the surveillance system by exchanging emails with political content and the words that might trigger it, but without – I say WITHOUT – any illegal content.

I will, for example, write to some correspondents that the legitimate government of Syria under  Bashar Assad has the right to use bombs and any other weapons in defence against terrorists who want to kill all “kaffir”. See where I am getting – this has bombs and kaffir and terrorists but I am not calling for any illegal action at all, just expressing a legitimate political opinion.

You don’t have to agree about Assad, we can have a debate about it – all the better of the debate also uses lots of “triggering” words and spreads to other blogs. Bury their systems in noise!

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